"I place a high personal value on honesty and integrity. I work tirelessly for the overall well-being of my clients.”
- Kristin Nicholson Emond  


Kristin Emond, Of Counsel

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Kristin Emond Attorney

Kristin Emond is Of Counsel to Rismiller Law Group, LLC and focuses her practice in the area of Family Law, including negotiation of settlement agreements, resolution of child custody and visitation disputes, and divorce litigation. During her time with the RLG, Ms. Emond has developed a reputation for conscientious representation of her clients and attention to the best interests of children. She has established herself as a discernible litigator in the field. Ms. Emond is licensed to practice in all state and federal courts for the State of Maryland, and has been further qualified to practice as a Best Interest Attorney. Although her primary practice is in Montgomery County, Ms. Emond also practices in Howard County, Frederick County, Carroll County and Anne Arundel County.

Ms. Emond has a B.A. degree in Psychology, specializing in adolescent and child psychology, and a B.A. in Justice and Law, specializing in the impact that religion and culture has on the conduct of humans in the areas of authority, discipline and values. Ms. Emond is also certified DISC instructor and Meyer-Briggs instructor. Combined with her educational accomplishments, she has a unique understanding of topics affecting family law cases.

Ms. Emond worked for many years before and during law school in a private tax office where she worked with both personal and corporate tax returns and audits. After law school, Ms. Emond began her legal career as corporate counsel for a multi-national banking institution and eventually a Fortune 500 company. Her range of focus included Corporate Contracting, International Banking, Intellectual Property, and Human Resources.

When taking time off as a stay-at-home mom, she created her own business which provided businesses and agencies with training and counseling in such areas as public speaking, organizational management, teambuilding, leadership development, and personal empowerment. She has traveled throughout the northeastern United States giving seminars and individual workshops for such groups as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, FDIC, the American Education and Development Institute, and many other public and private agencies. She has served on the Board of Directors for Toastmasters International (2007-2009) has been nationally ranked as a public speaker.

Ms. Emond believes that the practice of family law requires a love of family and an absolute desire to see each family as special. Although the dynamics of a marriage are changing, parents will always remain parents. Her unique understanding of cultures, religions, and personalities, combined with her knowledge and experience in dealing with family and children, make her an exceptional family law attorney. She appreciates that a client cannot be understood unless a whole family is considered. It is with this dedication and diligence that she represents the interests of her clients.

  • Maryland
  • Washington College of Law, J.D., 1996
  • American University – Washington, DC, B.A., 1990
  • Certified DISC Instructor since 2002
  • Certified Myers-Briggs Instructor since 2000
  • Coach for Montgomery County Public Schools, specifically Rockville High School athletics, 2002-2003
  • Assistant Coach for Rockville Parks and Recreation Program, 2002-2006
  • Leadership Trainer and Conference Presenter for Toastmasters International, 1999-2010
  • Washington, DC and Maryland Volunteerism Awards for planning and managing programs and fundraising events for the National Kidney Foundation, Martha’s Table, D.C. Cares, D.C. Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, Uplift tutoring program for D.C. foster care homes, My Sister’s Place and House of Ruth.

Top notch lawyer who goes all out for her clients.

"Ms. Emond is truly a top notch lawyer who goes all out for her clients. She is a true treasure that is worth her legal weight in gold. I will always be thankful that I found her."

Accessible, committed to my cause, patient and shrewd

"I first met Ms. Emond after interviewing with a few lawyers who did not feel confident to take on my case due to the complexity of it and the limited time they would have to prepare. Throughout the entire time of my case, I found Ms. Emond to be accessible, committed to my cause, patient and shrewd. She counseled me to be calm and led me through the messiness of the case with a strong, confident and kind hand. She truly delivered beyond what many could have expected (including her own peers who recommended her)."